Roster Management Launch Page

Roster management is done exclusively on a secure server for your protection. All forms and data are sent over an encrypted connection between your machine and the server to insure that sensitive data does not pass through untrusted servers where it could be viewed by electronic eavesdroppers.
Official Rosters can now be filed on-line and must be filed on or before January 15 to avoid a lapse in benefits!

Coming Soon: We will be adding a new flag to the roster listing that will indicate whether or not we have a Social Security Number on file for each roster entry. Social Security Numbers are not currently, and will not be shown, or stored in the on-line database.*

If you have your user Id and password for on-line roster maintenance, proceed directly to the Roster Management Console.
If you need your user Id and password, please contact the Association Office by telephone at (919) 736-0506 to get started.
Filing your roster on-line is quick and easy. You may also file your official roster and annual report on-line. Your official roster must be filed on-time for your members to be eligible for many valuable state benefits.

Social Security Numbers (SSNs) are only stored long enough to transfer them from the on-line database to the internal (off-line) database when they are submitted in on-line updates. The State of North Carolina requires that we keep SSNs on file for all Rescue and EMS workers, in order to administer state benefits. The SSNs are stored in a database that is not accessible from the internet, and provided through a secure mechanism to the State of NC, as required by law. Every effort is made to protect the information you provide. We exist only to serve the interests of the Rescue and EMS community. We respect your concerns and appreciate your cooperation.

The roster management system is hosted on the secure server provided by
Oak Street Software, Inc.. All of the information you find there and any data that you submit are sent over the internet securely, using encryption for your protection. The URLs (web addresses) will begin with, and your browser should indicate that the pages are secure. Sensitive information is not stored on the internet server any longer than necessary. The reports you may view on-line are limited to what is necessary for you to review your roster.