Benefits Available to Departments that meet Eligibility Criteria


Squad Must:
  1. have a corporate structure
  2. have authority to operate from a local government
  3. have a minimum of eight (8) members with a minimum certification of medical responder
  4. have the minimum equipment required by NCAR&EMS Certificate of Eligibility
  5. offer a minimum of 36 hours of training each year
  6. file a certified roster of all members that are authorized by its bylaws (Jr, Hon, Life, Aux, etc.) on or before January 15th of each calendar year
NOTE: New members should be added to your roster the next business day. They may be done on-line or called in to the NCAR&EMS office. Must list member's full name, address, date of birth, and social security number. Once a member is on your roster, they are eligible for all benefits for one year.

Members must:
  1. be on a certified roster.
  2. have 36 hours of training in a calendar year to be eligible for benefits for that year

Death benefits (In-Line-Of-Duty)

North Carolina State$50,000.00
Federal$339,310.00+ Cost of living adjustment
Rescue Relief Fund$100,000.00(Administered by the NCAR&EMS)

Disability income (Relief Fund)

10% of weekly salary when injured in-line-of-duty.  Must notify NCAR&EMS within 30 days of injury.  Application must be made.  Administered by the NCAR&EMS.

Health Insurance

Please have your members call 919-814-4400. They will need to ask to speak directly with Rita Sandoval with SHP. There is not a website at the present time that will help this population with answers to their questions. Rita will be their only contact person that can certify the two qualifiers for benefit eligibility.

Pension fund

$170 per month after 20 years service at age 55 (updated on July 22, 2008). You contribute $10.00 per month for 20 years.

N.C. State Firemen's and Rescue Squad Workers' Pension Fund Contact Information:


Toll free phone number:
1-877-NCSECURE (877-627-3287); press 5 when prompted to connect directly with Fire/Rescue staff

Fax number:

Fire/Rescue email:

Mailing address:
3200 Atlantic Ave, Raleigh, NC 27604


$660,000.00 per year as follows ...
NumberDollar ValueTerm
30$8,000.002 year, transfer to 4 year
30$12,000.004 years
30$2,000.002 years

Applicants must apply by March 31 in the year they graduate from high school. Parents must be an eligible Rescue or EMS worker. Applications and rules will be on our web-site on January 1st of each year and will remain until March 31st. The scholarship program is administered by the NCAR&EMS. (see the scholarship page for additional details and application forms)

Scholarships for Children of in-line-of-duty death

Children may choose two (2) or four (4) year shcool. Two (2) year scholarship shall be $2,000.00. Four (4) year scholarship shall be $12,000.00. Administered by the NCAR&EMS. (see the scholarship page for additional details and application forms)

Payroll Services

If your department has employees, you should check out the services of the ADP to eliminate payroll problems. For complete information, follow this link.

Dignity Memorial Public Servants Program

Available to North Carolina Fire Fighters, Rescue, and EMS Public Servants; for complete details on the program follow this link.